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24th November
written by Catherine An

‘Tis the season to be thankful. And instead of launching into a lecture about how we should all take notice of those less fortunate and give back to our communities (and we should on both counts), we thought we’d be slightly more introspective this Thanksgiving.

So below is a list of the things that the Alliance is thankful for this year. We’re all too aware that we can’t end homelessness alone and we thought we’d take this opportunity to show our gratitude.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone – our warmest wishes to you and yours.

  • Local partners and advocates.
    Like news and politics, homelessness is local. The on-the-ground direct service providers, the community leaders, the local organizations implementing solutions and plans, the individual advocates that take this issue up with their neighborhoods and cities – these are the champions of our cause. Thank you so much for your courageous, ceaseless efforts!
  • Individual Donors.
    We know that you have the freedom to choose how and to whom to give and we’re so grateful to the individual donors who have chosen to give to the Alliance. Your contribution makes our work possible.
  • Board of Directors.
    Great, supportive leadership is hard to come by and the Alliance is lucky to have a Board of Directors that has always been the backbone of our organization. Our warmest thanks to you all this Thanksgiving!
  • Senators Kit Bond and Chris Dodd.
    These two retiring senators have been our legislative heroes – authoring and supporting policies that aimed to end homelessness in America. We have long admired their dedication to the most vulnerable Americans and their leadership will be sorely missed.
  • Our national partners.
    Ending homelessness isn’t something to do alone. The Alliance is honored to work with other national organizations dedicated to improving the lives of all Americans. Our thanks to the National Center for Housing and Child Welfare, the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities, the National Low Income Housing Coalition, the National Housing Conference, the National Law Center for Homelessness and Poverty, the National Network for Youth, the Urban Institute, the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth, and so many countless others.
  • Reporters.
    We get it. News is getting faster, media budgets are getting smaller, fewer people are left in the journalism field, and the deck couldn’t be stacked more against you. We know – the news business is getting cutthroat. Which is why we appreciate it when reporters take a moment to cover the very unsensational, the very unsexy, the very sobering topic of homelessness. It’s no Prince-William-and-Kate-Middleton story, but it’s definitely worth a little ink.
  • Foundations.
    Fannie Mae, the Freddie Mac Foundation, the Melville Charitable Trust, the Conrad N. Hilton Foundation, and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have contributed generously in support of our work. With their assistance, we have made strides to end homelessness in America.
  • Alliance networks.
    Yeah, we’re talking about you! All of you – newsletter recipients, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, blog readers, all of you! – you’re at the heart of this organization. We’re about ending homelessness and we hope that as you follow us, you come to realize that it’s not just something that we should do, it’s something we can do. Like we said, homelessness – like news and politics – is local. You guys are the ones pushing the issue forward in your communities, sharing with your friends and neighbors, and doing the hard work it takes to encourage a community to make tough decisions.

We’re ending homelessness together – and we’re thankful for your help!

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