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7th January
written by Catherine An

Happy New Year, friends! We’re so excited to be back!

So – first and foremost we’ve been asked to tell you this little nugget of news: on Tuesday, Jan. 11, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) is hosting a webinar at 3 p.m. ET on the requirement for the 2011 point-in-time counts. Speakers will also discuss federal partnerships and participants will be able to ask questions. But to get on the call, you have to register.

In other industry news, as many of you know, the Alliance is releasing a new report on homelessness on Wednesday, January 12. If you want a short summary of the report, check out the recording of our webinar. If you want to join us for the press conference unveiling the awesome new document, let me know on our Facebook page.

And that’s the business end of things.

In the news media world, both the Dallas Morning News and KARE 11 in Minnesota, MN wrote about new faces of homelessness: the first about families and the second about a community-wide increase in people experiencing homelessness. It goes to show that regardless of what they might say about the recession, there are still people in need across the country.

In other news, the good people of New Jersey have proposed a fee system to raise money for homeless assistance services. The Record wrote a great article in support of the County Homelessness Trust Fund Act where they note: “Homelessness costs society. We pay for it one way or another, whether through higher health insurance rates to cover emergency room visits or higher taxes to cover jail costs. And it isn’t just financial. We pay for it through the lost potential of homeless children with uneven schooling, the lost production of homeless workers who have to skip work and the lost security of a once-healthy neighborhood whose residents have been kicked out by the banks. In the face of all that, skip the latte and pay the fee.”

And could we go this week without mentioning Ted Williams? The man experiencing homelessness was discovered by the a videographer for the Columbus Dispatch and since then, he’s been offered voiceover jobs by the Cleveland Cavaliers and Kraft Foods, been on the Today show, “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”, and “The Last Word With Laurence O’Donnell”.

And while the story is certainly a beautiful and unlikely one, it seems most media sources have missed the moral here. As our own Nan Roman remarks, “Ted Williams’ story of bad luck and bad decisions is shared by other homeless people; and the solutions to his homelessness – a job and a home – would equally work for them.”

Hear hear! For more information about Ted, check out the NYT piece.

Photo courtesy of the Associated Press. Taken from the Republican.