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11th January
written by Catherine An

Hello blog buddies!

As a very special treat, we’re giving you the scoop – so listen up.

The Alliance is very pleased and very proud to present The State of Homelessness in America, a thorough, in-depth, first-of-its-kind examination into homelessness across the country.

And it’s not just another Counts report – we’ve taken it to the next level! This year, not only do we review the changes in homelessness at the national and state levels from 2008 and 2009, we’ve also thrown in some indicators.

Acknowledging the interest in the recession’s impact on homelessness, the considerable roles that economic factors play in homelessness, and the existence of specific demographic groups at increased risk of homelessness, we’ve also analyzed factors associated with homelessness. They include: severe housing cost burden, real income, unemployment, foreclosure, lack of insurance, doubling up, youth aging out of homelessness, and release from incarceration.

(Yup – it’s a hefty read).

In the days following, we’ll be digging deeper into our findings and the implications of those findings. You can follow this series of posts by clicking on “The State of Homelessness” category below. But until then, enjoy this special, exclusive, for-our-blog-readers-only advance of the report. You can find it online here.