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14th January
written by Catherine An

As you know, it was a big week for us! On Wednesday, we released The State of Homelessness in America at a press conference at the National Press Club and we had our fingers-crossed that people would care – and respond.

And to our delight, they did!

Our new friend Henri Cauvin at the Washington Post does a great job in summing up the major findings of the report (which you can also find here) and noting the major trends that go through the report. One of the important concerns, Cauvin notes, is the unease moving forward as strapped state budgets try to serve more people with fewer resources – which is probably exactly why Governing magazine ran the story as well.

Doubled up was the story for the Huffington Post. Reporter Laura Bassett points to housing prices and unemployment as key motivators of the 12 percent increase in doubling up; something that Susan Campbell also pointed out in the Hartford Courant.

Nan got an opportunity to voice her own thoughts about the report – not just on CSPAN but as an editorial contributor for the DC paper, The Hill. In it, she waxes positive, noting: “With adequate and well-targeted federal policy and resources to support local ingenuity and determination, we can ensure that increased homelessness is not another sad legacy of the economic recession.”

And the truth is, that is the right moral of the story. While the data may shown a grim picture, the point – dear friends – is that we have the information necessary to prevent and end homelessness right now.

Did our report get covered in your paper? Let us know – we might’ve missed it! And we’ll be sure to include it in our clips!