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30th March
written by Catherine An

We need your help!

We’re trying to figure out who in our social media networks might be interested in joining our small-but-mighty advocacy team AND if any members of our advocacy team are following us on our small-but-mighty social networks!

You can help us by taking this survey.

In our collective effort to end homelessness, the Alliance engages in advocacy campaigns all year: around appropriations season (happening right now!), around funding McKinney Vento Homeless Assistance Grants, around veterans homelessness, around youth and family homelessness – the list goes on! We ask our friends and colleagues to call their members of Congress, make Capitol Hill visits (in D.C. and locally), and invite policymakers to see the great work of homeless assistance and housing programs.

We need to share and show the importance and impact of our work with community leaders and policymakers so that they continue to support our work with votes and resources!

And we need you to get involved!

Help us out by taking this 5 minute, 10 question survey. And if you can, pass it along to friends who might be interested!

For more information about Alliance advocacy activities or social media efforts, please contact us.