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4th May
written by Catherine An

Occasionally, we like to make a little shout out.

Social Impact Research has recently published a series of reports on chronic homelessness.

The series is directed towards donors, discussing the impact of investing in ending chronic homelessness. The anchor brief goes over major facts, statistics, definitions, and an overview of the work done thus far to end chronic homelessness. There’s also a brief summary of the Housing First approach, a concept that the Alliance has long championed.

The series includes a Guide to Giving – advice to donors about how best to determine which organization might fit their giving goals. You can access the guide online.

Andrew Ofstehage, fellow at Social Impact Research and the lead researcher on these reports, will host a call for all interested participants during which he’ll go over the findings of the research and take caller questions. The call is slated for Wednesday, May 11.

For more information about the call and to participate, please email Tania Green.