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23rd May
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It’s that time again! As schools close their doors for the summer, a new crop of bright, ambitious interns descends on the District and we at the Alliance are lucky to be having so many of them join our staff for the summer.

Name: Cecilia Mills
School: Arizona State University
Discipline: Earning her Masters in Public Administration
Internship: Cece will be assisting our federal policy team on issues including mental health, family and youth homelessness, and LGBTQ matters.

In her own words: I’m compelled towards humanitarian efforts and social justice causes. The Alliance sounded like a perfect fit – I could [learn about] all issues related to poverty, health care, and social injustices.

It’s amazing how far reaching the effects of homelessness are. [I] never realized the full scope; it’s shocking to see the lack of appropriate services to help those in need.

One day, I’d like to become a policy director for a nonprofit or government agency that specifically deals with poverty related issues and alleviation. My dream job growing up was working with the UN Human Rights Council….maybe one day!

Name: Swaroop Vitta
School: Birmingham-Southern College
Discipline: Economics, Biology/Chemistry
Internship: Swaroop will be assisting with our annual Capitol Hill Day at the National Conference on Ending Homelessness.

In his own words: Our school’s Hess Fellows program provides fellowships for students interested in getting involved with advocacy. I have been involved with organizations addressing affordable housing and homelessness from a direct service standpoint so I was very excited about the possibility of working at the Alliance in order to better understand the advocacy side of these issues. I want to understand how advocacy works in general, and I want to know see what we can effectively accomplish through advocacy. Also, I hope to learn as much as I can about policies addressing affordable housing and homelessness.

Also, Sumeet Singh, my best friend since high school, my current roommate, and intern to the Alliance last summer, told me great things about the organization. Naturally, it was my first choice during the selection process.

The most interesting thing [I’ve learned about homelessness] is that it’s solvable. I grew up thinking that homelessness was just like any other big social problem. I understood that it existed and my parents taught me to be thankful for what I have and to show it by giving back by serving the needy. However, only recently did I understand that this is an issue that can be eliminated, and to think that it might happen during my lifetime is pretty exciting.

I finished taking my MCAT the day before I left to D.C. and have just started medical school applications. Though I hope to spend a good deal of time serving patients directly after I’m done with medical school (40 years from now), I definitely want to get involved with broader public health issues later. Public health and homelessness are heavily related to each other so that’s yet another reason I’m glad to be here.

Name: Amy Motyka
School: George Washington University
Discipline: Earning her Masters in Tourism Administration
Internship: Amy will be assisting our event planning staff with the National Conference on Ending Homelessness.

A Washington, DC native, Amy has her BS in marketing from the University of Maryland, College Park. Before joining the Alliance, she worked as a graduate assistant for the Office of University Events at George Washington University where she assisted in planning Commencement on the National Mall for 25,000 graduates and guests.

She looks forward to working with D’Arcy to make the 2011 annual conference a success!

Name: Corey Young
School: West Point
Discipline: American Politics
Internship: Corey will be assisting our federal policy team on issues including veteran homelessness.

In his own words: Hey, my name is Corey Young. I’m an American Politics major at West Point.

One reason why homelessness is compelling to me is that it’s a problem that you can see all around you no matter where you go. Walking through any town or city, all you have to do is look and you can see people affected by homelessness right in front of you.

I come to the Alliance through an opportunity that my school offers to students from my major who are interested in understanding the way things work in Washington. I hope to gain an understanding of the American political system from a different perspective than what I already have.

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