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27th May
written by Catherine An

In the news this week…

We were happy to hear that Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) introduced a bill which would expand education and employment opportunities for veterans. At a time when over 76,000 veterans are experiencing homelessness and the economy is still on the mend, the “Honoring All Veterans Act of 2011”is a welcome bill indeed.

But it’s not just veterans who need a hand. Cuts to HUD programs, including CDBG and HOME, will mean that fewer resources are available to low-income people and families. The Detroit Free Press painted a grim picture of what CDBG cuts will mean to community services that financially vulnerable people – including the elderly and disabled – have come to depend on.

And the cuts aren’t isolated to the federal level. In Mother Jones, reporter Stephanie Mencimer reports that “as need grows, state slash welfare benefits.” While all of us have long been aware that states budgets are in a precarious state, we also know the need for cash assistance, social services, and homelessness prevention strategies remains persistently high in communities across the country.

And the week after Sen. John Kerry (D – MA) introduced his bill to address LGBTQ youth homelessness, the Washington Post ran a story about the Wanda Alston House, a DC shelter specifically for LGBTQ homeless youth. Such stories have been popping up here and there, largely based on anecdotes and profiles. (Have you seen any?)

And finally, the Alliance’s Center for Capacity Building had big news of its own! The first in a number of publications on front-door strategies is out. Kim Walker penned a brief on coordinated entry that we wrote about this week – don’t miss it!

Happy Memorial Day weekend, all.