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26th July
written by Catherine An

Today, the Alliance staff has been buzzing about an article in this morning’s USA Today which stated, “More than 10,000 Iraq and Afghanistan veterans are homeless or in programs aimed at keeping them off the streets, a number that has doubled three times since 2006, according to figures released by the Department of Veterans Affairs.”

Veterans returning home after service face a number of challenges these days. A scarcity of jobs (as a result of the struggling economy) and a pronounced lack of affordable housing options are two challenges that threaten housing stability. Together, these two challenges can lead to an increased risk of homelessness.

Luckily, there are some things being done by the federal government to help veterans experiencing or at risk of homelessness. If you receive our newsletter, you noticed the spotlight article today was about the HUD-VASH program, a joint initiative of HUD and the VA specifically intended to provide rental assistance to veterans experiencing housing instability. Earlier this month, the two departments announced $46.2 million to supply permanent housing and cast management for 6,790 homeless veterans through the HUD-VASH program.

Just today, the VA announced the list of communities receiving funds from the Supportive Services for Veteran Families Program – a new VA program that provides supportive service to very low income veterans and their families.

Programs like these are critical to ensure that returning veterans have the opportunity to pursue healthy, meaningful lives after their service.

To find out more about veterans homelessness, please visit the Alliance website.

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