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1st August
written by Catherine An

After endless debate and a handful of failed negotiations, it seems that Congress and the Administration have finally come to terms on a debt ceiling deal. That hasn’t stopped pundits and politicos alike from speculating about the impact of the deal. This morning, Bloomberg News announced that “Debt Ceiling Agreement Leaves U.S. States Preparing for More Aid Reduction.” Noted economist Jared Bernstein also blogged about the deal this morning, specifically mentioning that programs aimed to protect poor and low-income families may feel the brunt of the deal.

There have been a handful of articles about the weather and homeless people as of late, no doubt due to the heat wave that hit the eastern seaboard last week. We specifically took note of the piece by Sam Lehman in the Washington Post over the weekend.

Veterans have been in the news lately and we caught wind of a McClatchy News article on injured veterans and the programs that are dedicated to help them assimilate back into society. While everyone agrees that assisting injured veterans in a priority, some wonder if – given the current budget climate – even these programs will face the ax. The McClatchy News article offers some inches to that line of thought as well.

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