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22nd August
written by naehblog

On Friday, our dear federal policy intern Rricha left us to go back to law school. But before she left, we asked her to list some things she learned during her time at the Alliance.

  1. Runaway and homeless youth are especially susceptible in falling victim to commercial sexual exploitation.
  2. Thirty years ago, homelessness wasn’t as big of a problem as it is today- it is possible to end homelessness with clear and directed federal policies.
  3. Don’t bring an [empty] travel mug with you to the Capitol Visitors Center – they will throw it away (even if it’s new and from Starbucks!)
  4. We need better data on how many homeless youth there are in this country so we can shape policies that most affect and empower this population.
  5. It is much cheaper to house a homeless person than to pay the costs of incarceration or medical expenses over his or her lifetime.
  6. The phones at the Alliance are very musical.
  7. Foster care children who age out of the child welfare system are at high risk for becoming homeless.
  8. Making a personalized google map isn’t as difficult as it sounds!
  9. All the programs related to helping homeless populations have a sustainability component – a long term plan to keep them off the streets.
  10. Andre Wade, youth policy analyst, cannot function without his iPad.
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