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3rd December
written by Sam Strike

In the news over the past couple weeks (because we had a Thanksgiving hiatus):

  • As a short follow-up to Youth Homelessness Month, and Andre Wade’s question about LGBTQ youth homelessness, read this article from the San Francisco Chronicle about the experience of being homeless as a transgendered youth.
  • The San Francisco Chronicle also published an article this week on family homelessness in the Bay Area, describing how it is easy to forget the families who are homeless and calling this “an invisible problem exacerbated by an inability to accurately count how many there are.”  According to San Francisco public schools, there are 2,200 students who are homeless, “enough to fill five or six elementary schools or an entire high school.”
  • Even though the recession is technically over, there is still a growing need for food and shelter, as people lose their jobs and unemployment benefits run out for the long-term unemployed.  This article in the Washington Post reviews the rising number of “basic immediate needs” calls to Fairfax County, Virginia’s services department.
  • An opinion piece in the Juneau Empire eloquently addresses the benefits of a Housing First approach.  While the author does not forcefully advocate for the policy, he cites both the responsibility to care for vulnerable members of society and the cost savings that other communities have seen from Housing First programs
  • The Alliance is helping to end homelessness in Sarasota County, Florida.  The county’s 10-Year Plan is almost complete thanks to five months of workshops and the contributions of more than 600 members of the community.

Previously, on the News Roundup Poll, we asked you if all shelters and affordable housing providers should be required to admit LGBTQ youth.

The vast majority of you said that providers should not be allowed to refuse to serve homeless youth because of their sexual orientation.

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