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27th December
written by Elizabeth Doherty

As the Development Coordinator for the Alliance, I often respond to the question, “If I donate, where does my money go?”

Today I would like to share the answer to that question with you.  Here at the National Alliance

to End Homelessness, we work hard to ensure that the majority of contributions go directly to support our programs to prevent and end homelessness.  Last year, our expenses totaled $2,896, 410.  Ten percent of that number, or $287,629, was spent on administration and fundraising while 90 percent, or $2,608,781, was spent on programming.

What does the Alliance consider programming and how is that 90 percent broken down?  Our programs fall into the following categories:

  • Capacity Building (48%)
  • Research and Education (35.6%)
  • Advocacy (6%)
  • Lobbying (0.4%)

As these numbers demonstrate, you can be confident that a donation to the Alliance is well spent.  For an independent review of work you can also visit Charity Navigator and the American Institute of Philanthropy; both nonprofit watch dogs who have given the Alliance their highest rating score.

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