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6th January
written by Catherine An

Now that 2012 is fully in swing, we’re back to our regular Friday News Roundups.  Things you should know:

  • The New York Times ran a compelling story about failed adoptions contributing to the increased youth homelessness. When foster families fail to take responsibility for their adopted young people, the youth – often with limited resources and education – often wind up homeless.
  • The Times ran another story about “permanent patients” in New York hospitals. These patients, though well enough to be discharged to private residences or continuous care facilities, “languish” in hospitals due to immigration status, lack of sufficient insurance, or lack of appropriate housing. Unfortunately, hospitals end up absorbing millions of dollars in care costs when these patients could be sufficiently cared for at much lower costs in more appropriate settings.
  • Adolfo Carrion, NY regional administrator at HUD, penned a thoughtful guest opinion in the Times Union about “an investment in the end of homelessness.”
  • And finally, in California, news has been percolating about a serial killer victimizing homeless people. This morning, Orange County (CA) police but homeless people on alert after the murder of three homeless men.

From you!

  • @ThinkT3 and @Ntl_Homeless send us a note about this article about a new housing initiative for homeless or at-risk veterans.
  • @leighallen pointed us to a @huffingtonpost story about a tent city in Lakewood, NJ.

Keep pointing  us to stories that you think are interesting about homelessness, poverty, and housing and we’ll be sure to include them in our Friday blogs!

Happy New Year!

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