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7th February
written by Catherine An

If you read our newsletter today, you know President Obama will be releasing his budget proposal right after the National Conference on Ending Family and Youth Homelessness. We’ll be hosting a webinar on the budget on February 15 – you can register up now.

Every year, before the appropriations season begins in earnest, the president submits a budget proposal to Congress. In it, he outlines how he thinks the country should allocate federal resources – in short, it’s one way the president conveys his thoughts, priorities, and ideas to the members of Congress.

The release of the president’s budget proposal is an event that will focus  a lot of the Alliance’s resources: we’ll issue briefs, blogs, advocacy opportunities, a press release, and our analysis of what the president’s budget could mean for homeless and  low-income people in a webinar. To prepare for the whirlwind, you might want to go over some of these blogs as a refresher on the president’s budget.

The President’s Budget Proposal – What It [Could] Mean

What Does the Federal Budget Mean for HEARTH Act Implementation?

The Budget is Out!

The Final HUD Budget: Implications and Next Steps

What Does “No Deal” From the Super-Committee Mean?

What Does the Debt Deal Mean for Homelessness?

And for a little context:

State of Homelessness in America 2012: Major Findings

Poverty Increases Lead to Fear of Increased Homelessness

Make sure you stay connected with us as we prepare to study the president’s budget proposal! Sign up for the newsletter, find us on Twitter and Facebook, and make sure to keep visiting the blog!

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