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6th April
written by Kate Seif

Starting with today’s post, the Alliance is beginning a new “Monthly Wrap” series. These series are intended to highlight and remind readers of the Alliance’s biggest accomplishments and takeaways from the previous month.  We start the series off with the month of March.

March was a very busy month at the Alliance! We had a full month of webinars, toolkits, and research releases. Let’s jump right in and start with the big stuff:

  • Youth Typology. In early March, the Alliance released An Emerging Framework for Ending Unaccompanied Youth Homelessness and broadcast an accompanying webinar. The framework lays out different categories of unaccompanied youth and estimates the numbers in each group.  The goal of the framework is to match those categories with the right interventions and improve the current response to youth homelessness.
  • Coordinated Assessment. The Emergency Solutions Grant regulations released by HUD in early December announced that the Continuum of Care regulations, to be released shortly, would include a requirement that communities implement a coordinated assessment (intake) system.  In response, the Alliance put together the Coordinated Assessment Toolkit which includes best practices, resources, sample checklists, and guide for communities either implementing or changing their coordinated entry system.  Coordinated Assessment can help communities use resources more efficiently and effectively by ensuring that people are diverted where possible and that people are connected with the right interventions as soon as they enter the system.  Does your community have a coordinated assessment process?  If so, we’d love to share your tools or training materials with other communities! Send them to Kim Walker!
  • Housing for Survivors of Domestic Violence. The Alliance placed an emphasis on rapid re-housing as a key solution for survivors of domestic violence in March.  In late February, we pulled together a variety of resources to create a Domestic Violence Toolkit. Throughout March, we populated the toolkit with videos, solutions briefs, two webinars (Housing for Survivors and Prevention), and much more! The toolkit aims to share the valuable lessons from communities successfully operating rapid re-housing programs for survivors.

But that’s not all! Lisa Stand, a senior policy analyst at the Alliance, has been keeping us up to date on the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, the corresponding Supreme Court decision, and the importance Medicaid plays in ending chronic homelessness.

We released our Media Counts Map and we need your help! If your local press has released any stories about your recent January Point-in-Time counts, please let Pete Witte know.  The map offers a great snapshot of trends in homelessness across the country before HUD is able to release the official data.

And you’ve been busy, too! In March, you sent over 615 letters (and much more!) to your Members of Congress about the importance of increasing funding for McKinney-Vento Homelessness Assistance Grants. It was one of our most impressive one-month advocacy pushes!

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