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10th October
written by Andre Wade

Last week the Alliance and co-sponsors held a webinar on counting youth experiencing homelessness during the HUD mandated point-in-time counts that will be held in January 2013.

The webinar explored what three communities — San Jose, D.C., and southern Nevada — have done to effectively count youth experiencing homelessness. We had a fantastic turnout and received great feedback.

The Alliance would like to thank our partners who contributed to the webinar: the John Burton Foundation for Children without Homes (JBF), National Network for Youth (NN4Y), and the DC Alliance of Youth Advocates (DCAYA).

To build on this momentum, the Alliance is producing yet another webinar (with co-sponsors the NN4Y and DCAYA) titled “Youth Targeted Point-In-Time Counts: What You Need to Know!”  This time the webinar will feature Peter Connery of Applied Survey Research and will focus on:

  • Developing Key Partnerships;
  • Planning;
  • Safety and Privacy Concerns;
  • Recruiting Volunteers;
  • Deployment of Teams to Conduct the Counts;
  • The Survey Process;
  • Rural Communities; and
  • Take Aways.

Per usual, we will have time for a robust Q&A session to answer as many questions as possible.

Please join us on Thursday, October 18, at 1:30 P.M. EST by registering for this important webinar.

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10th October
written by Kay Moshier McDivitt

The HEARTH Act has kept our homeless assistance community abuzz for some time now.  One of the things that we have heard a lot of “buzzing” about is the role that transitional housing programs will play in local Continuums of Care (CoCs).

While we know that transitional housing is an eligible activity with the recent release of the interim CoC rules, we also know that many programs and communities are exploring how to best use transitional housing resources to retool their homeless system to meet the HEARTH Act’s key performance measures.

Last week, we held a webinar about retooling transitional housing.  We know that many organizations are in very different stages of retooling. Some of you are just beginning to think about retooling and are looking for additional information; some of you are ready to do something, but are not sure where to start; and a number of you have already started the process and are looking for additional direction and assistance in the details.  During the webinar, we talked about reasons for retooling, options to consider with a focus on rapid re-housing models, and the process that organizations ready to take the plunge into retooling can use.

We hope the recorded version of the webinar will help everyone, no matter where you are in the process of retooling. We will continue to provide resources on retooling transitional housing over the next several months. It takes a time and energy to begin the retooling process, and regardless of where you are in the retooling process it is important to take the time to regularly assess and evaluate your program, measuring your effectiveness in ending homelessness in your community.

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