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28th April
written by naehblog

Our Senate sign-on letter asking for $2.4 billion for McKinney-Vento programs has been signed, sealed and delivered with 28 Senator signatures – and you made it happen! Those federal funds will be used to keep homeless assistance programs up and running in your community and across the country.

But it’s not over yet. As appropriations season begins, let’s keep up the pressure on Senators and Representatives to provide $2.4 billion for McKinney programs!

Here’s how:

  • More Letters. If your Senator didn’t sign onto the group Dear Colleague letter, you can ask him/her to send an individual letter to the Senate HUD appropriations subcommittee. You can find a list of which Senators signed onto the letter here.

  • Site Visits. Urge your Senator or Representative to visit a local program while they’re home over the Memorial Day Recess (May 30 – June 6). Click here for sample invitations and tools for inviting Members of Congress to visit a program. Email if you want help planning a site visit – we’d love to work with you!
  • Media. Members of Congress pay close attention to their local papers, so another way to reiterate the importance of making ending homelessness a federal priority and funding McKinney programs is to write an op-ed for your local paper, particularly over congressional recesses. Let us know if we can help you work to earn media.

Your hard work hasn’t gone unrecognized: several of our Senate signatories were reluctant initially, but advocates stepped up their efforts and Senators responded. As a result, we got 5 more signatures than last year! (Special shout-outs to folks working hard in California, Connecticut, Illinois and Minnesota.)

This increase in Senate support shows how effective your advocacy can be. Keep reading this blog to stay up-to-date and keep making your voice heard!

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