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17th May
written by naehblog

You’ve been asked before – and no doubt you’ll be asked again.

Yes, the Alliance is asking you to participate in an online survey. (We’ve gone to great lengths to try and ensure it’s as quick and painless as possible – I promise.)

Here’s the thing: like all nonprofits navigating our way through an increasingly social, online world, we’re trying to figure out where you’re finding us online – and then move in that direction.

Like I mentioned in last week’s post about social media in the homeless assistance field, we’ve been trying to make the best use of these great new online tools. Our own personal social media journey has been a pretty rewarding one. We launched social networks in June 2009 and with our one-year anniversary around the corner and a slowly-but-surely-growing audience of supporters, friends, and colleagues, we want to make sure that we’re meeting your needs and expectations.

  • What do you want to hear from us?
  • What do you find most helpful, least helpful?
  • Where do you connect with us – and what forum is most useful for you?
  • Where do you see the Alliance in the homeless assistance field? How do we fit into your efforts?

These are all important questions – questions that will undoubtedly inform the way we do our work. And only you can help us find the answers.

So please, take a moment to fill out our social media survey. It should take you a scant 10 minutes at most – and the data will be invaluable for us.

You can take the survey here.

Thanks for participating, everyone. I really appreciate it.



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  1. John McGah

    Hi, Just FYI, I took your survey and noticed that Q#5 "Which policy areas are you most interested in?" only allows 1 answer. It looks like you are looking for all that apply.

    Keep up the great work! John