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14th December
written by Jeni Gamble

Attention readers! The Alliance’s blog has been updated. We are currently in the process of transitioning from a WordPress blog to an integrated blog on our website. The new blog has the same content, but now comes with more bells and whistles to make your experience more interactive. We also now have a favicon, the logo icon that appears when you bookmark our page in your Bookmarks Toolbar. (It’s the small touches that matter.) The new and permanent location for our blog on our website is here, so please update your bookmarks.

A few new things you will notice:

  • You can now share the individual blog post via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and email. Please share broadly to your networks.
  • With an easy right-hand sidebar link, subscribing to the blog has never been easier. Subscribe today and don’t miss out on daily posts.
  • A Twitter feed is now included on the right-hand sidebar, so you can stay tuned to the most current Alliance Tweets, allowing you to reply, retweet, mark a tweet as your favorite, and tweet to us!
  • When you search the Alliance Library, you will now find blog posts too, and you can still filter posts by specific categories.
  • The blog is now fully integrated into our website, located under the News and Events tab, with the same look and feel.
  • We have moved our blog-roll, which lists the blogs of our partners in the field, from the page footer to a more visible spot on the right-hand sidebar
  • We are working out our archiving function, but you can currently navigate older blogs using the page numbers and arrows located on the bottom of the page.

Needless to say, we are still working out a few kinks that are typical with content migrations, some more noticeable than others. Over the next couple of weeks, we will be going back and fixing older blog posts, which now appear without some of the original spacing and paragraph breaks, and other minor issues we have noticed. We appreciate your patience as we tackle these fixes.

As always, you can count on the Alliance blog to feature the same authoritative content on the homeless assistance field, with guest posts from such important voices as the  Director of the Office of HUD’s Special Needs Assistance Programs, Ann Oliva.

And we will continue to provide moving personal stories, commentary on the latest developments in homelessness, helpful advice for advocates and practitioners in the field, and important information about the Alliance’s own activities and events.

Stay tuned!

10th December
written by Darcy Klingle

The Alliance’s 2013 National Conference on Ending Family and Youth Homelessness is right around the corner, and we at the Alliance couldn’t be more excited about it. We can’t wait to see you in Seattle for what’s sure to be another successful and productive event!

The deadline for early registration is fast approaching. If you haven’t registered yet, you should do so as soon as possible as you don’t want to let this great opportunity for significant savings sneak by you. The deadline is 3 p.m. ET on Monday, December 17. If you’re registering by mail, your form must be postmarked on, or before, Monday, December 17. Visit the conference registration page for more information about deadlines and registration rates.

This year’s two-day conference will take place at the Sheraton Seattle Hotel on February 21 and 22. Those of you who have been following my conference blogs know that we’re still in the midst of planning it, and that we have a lot in store for you. Visit the conference website to learn all about the conference sessions, workshops, and the special reception hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

We expect approximately 800 to 900 attendees to gather in Seattle this February to learn and discuss best practices and effective solutions for ending family and youth homelessness. We hope to see you there!

21st November
written by Emanuel Cavallaro

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and as we look forward to spending time with our families and loved ones, it is time for showing gratitude and giving thanks. It has been a busy year for the Alliance. Yesterday, I spent a little time speaking with some of our staff in an effort to get an idea of where the Alliance stands as we enter the holiday season. It turns out that the Alliance has a lot to be thankful for.

Lisa Stand, senior policy analyst, is thankful for the strong presence she saw at the Alliance’s Medicaid preconference in July, where attendees were energized by the recent Supreme Court Decision on the Affordable Care Act. As she works with advocates on state strategies to integrate supportive housing and health care, she’s continually heartened by how savvy and engaged they are.

André Wade, policy and program analyst, is thankful for the strong lead by the administration on youth homelessness, including USICH’s recent amendment to Opening Doors, which is focused on ending homelessness for youth by 2020. He is also thankful for new focus by HUD on the 18 to 25 transition age range for the January Point-In-Time Counts.

D’Arcy Klingle, director of meetings and events, is thankful for the 1,500 advocates, practitioners and officials who traveled from all over the country to Washington, DC, to trade best practices and learn about the most promising innovations going in the homeless assistance field today at the Alliance’s 2012 National Conference.

Ian Lisman, program and policy analyst, is thankful for the continued bipartisan support in congress for ending veteran homelessness. The VA has set the goal of ending veteran homelessness by 2015, and since 2010, we have reduced the number of veterans experiencing homelessness by 20 percent.

Kate Seif, policy outreach coordinator, is thankful for all the heard-working advocates we collaborate with year-round. These advocates are doing such a tremendous job educating congress on the issue of homelessness, and that’s having a noticeable impact on policymaking and federal funding levels.

Jennifer Olney, development and administrative associate, is thankful for our generous donors and sponsors who have shown continued support for the Alliance and its mission of ending homelessness.

Norm Suchar, director for the Alliance’s center for capacity building, is thankful for all the community leaders in the Alliance’s capacity-building network. They’re bringing their time and expertise to the field of homeless assistance and fighting homelessness at the local level.

We hope you all have the opportunity to spend time with your families this Thanksgiving, and we urge you to keep in your hearts and thoughts the plight of the most vulnerable of us, who may be spending their holidays, either alone or with their families, in a shelter or on the street. As we give thanks, it is important to remember that some of us may have more to be thankful for than others.

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16th November
written by Emanuel Cavallaro

Attention Alliance partners, friends and neighbors (and anyone else who might be wondering why Alliance staff haven’t been returning emails or phone calls). The Alliance is currently experiencing technical difficulties.

Unfortunately, sometime Wednesday evening some very important lines in the building where are DC offices are located were severed by a construction crew. This left everyone in the building without phone service or access to the internet. Yesterday afternoon, our phone service was restored, but we still do not have access to the internet (that’s why I’m writing this in a crowded Starbucks on K Street), and we still cannot receive external emails.

We expect internet service to be restored by Wednesday, Nov. 21.  In the the meantime, however, we can be reached by phone at 202-638-1526. We appreciate your patience as  we work to resolve this matter.

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31st October
written by Emanuel Cavallaro

We at the Alliance are grateful to be safe and dry once again. Like the federal government, we too closed for two days because of the storm. Alliance staff have now returned to our DC office, where we are busily working to catch up on unanswered emails, unreturned phone calls, unfinished reports and all the other unfinished business that we had to set aside when Sandy shut down DC. On behalf of the Alliance, I’d like to extend our deepest thanks to the emergency personnel who have responded to this crisis, and say that our thoughts and hearts go out to all those who are still feeling its effects.

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2nd July
written by naehblog

So, like most of the world, I’m a little in love with Google.

Not only is it massively awesome in general, but I also happen to be from Northern California – right in the neck of the woods that houses Google, Apple, and some of the other tech-y powerhouses. (Yes, you are correct: I AM a nerd.)

Recently, the Alliance installed Google Analytics on our own website, and I’ve been having a ball checking out the different stats and data, trying to figure out what people like, what people don’t like, what people never see.

So turns out, this is what you guys like (our most visited pages):

Some things that I think are worth a few more hits:

  • The 2009 Counts Media Map
    An interactive map with the latest reports of 2009 homelessness counts. The official report isn’t out yet, but this map tracks news reports from communities that have already submitted their information.

  • Daily Clips
    A listing of homelessness-related stories on the national, state, and local level. (It’s always provided me insight with what people are talking about, and what’s going on in areas that I care about.)

  • About Us
    The Alliance is a leader in homelessness field. Our work includes research, policy analysis, advocacy, and education. We’ve got a lot to offer – and you should know just what you’re missing.

Take a minute, check it out, and let me know what you think.

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