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29th March
written by Catherine An

Tomorrow, the Congressional Caucus on Homelessness is holding a briefing on “Homeless Children, Youth, and Families.”

During the briefing, panelists will discuss the profound impact that homelessness wields on children and youth, as well as their parents. In addition to the loss of safe, stable housing, homelessness can cause a sense of displacement, trauma, and stress. This can corrupt positive child development, health, and school participation and create life-long costs to children and parents.

The briefing will reference the 60 Minutes segment on homeless children that cast some media attention on the problem. The briefing will also examine the growing epidemic of homeless children and families as well as model programs, strategies, and initiatives to keep children in school and to secure stable housing.

Invited speakers include:

For more information about family and youth homelessness, please visit the Alliance website. If you’re interested in the Congressional Caucus on Homelessness or would like to attend the briefing, please contact the Alliance advocacy team.


  1. Jessica

    Couldn’t be a better group of people to advocate for homeless children, youth, and families. The Haven in Spartanburg sends well-wishes to the team, and thanks them for their hard work!

  2. 30/03/2011

    Jacksonville, Florida has over 3500 children registered in their public school system that have been identified as homeless. Forty two percent of those student have patents who are gainfully employed. Our organization is working hard to raise awareness and provision resources and transitional housing opportunities for persons dealing with homelessness.

    So very glad to see that we are not alone in making a difference.

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  4. Amanda Krusemark

    Thanks so much for your support! It was a great panel, and they really helped to make the case for why these programs are so important and deserve continued strong support from our federal partner. The work you do day in and day out can be so much more effective with an expanded level of support from the federal government, so we need to make sure Congress understands that.

    If anyone is interested in getting more involved in federal advocacy work to end homelessness, just let me know! I can be reached at