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1st July
written by Catherine An

Happy 4th of July weekend! In preparation for your BBQs and pool-side chats, here’s a mix of the homelessness news from this week.

We saw a great story in CQ Politics that trumpeted President Obama’s success at keeping the number of people experiencing homelessness down. You may remember that during the release of the last Annual Homeless Assessment Report to Congress, the Department of Housing and Urban Development remarked that the marginal increase was a notable success (we mentioned it in our own press release as well). This sentiment seems to have gathered traction, according to CQ.

Just yesterday, the story about housing for veterans in Los Angeles continued (we wrote about the beginning three weeks ago). The LA Times offers insight about legislation taking shape in the Senate that will ensure that homeless veterans can access housing.

The Washington Post, on the other hand, takes serious issue with Section 8. Though the writer at the Post seems to suggest that the housing vouchers are a “golden ticket to pricey suburbs” for people who might not otherwise be able to afford housing, we know that housing vouchers are often the solution to homelessness for people in poverty. Our friends at the National Housing Conference offered their thoughts about this article on their blog.

The New York Times seems to understand that people in poverty shoulder “an unfair burden” in this economic climate. An NYT editorial points out that critical social service programs – including Medicaid, unemployment benefits, food aid, and TANF – are on the chopping block during this age of austerity which would disproportionately affect people who are financially vulnerable already. While this is an astute and worthwhile observation, I only wish that the NYT would’ve seen fit to add “housing” to that list.

Something to think about poolside.

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