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27th January
written by Catherine An

First, a little housekeeping news: we’re just a week away from the National Conference on Ending Family and Youth Homelessness! Speakers and participants– please make sure to register and get excited! Online registration for the conference ends on Thursday, February 2 at midnight. But don’t worry, you can also register onsite at the conference for $650.

And now, the news:

-          President Obama gave his State of the Union speech on Tuesday during which he discussed the economy and economic disparities. We wondered whether he had given any thought to the very economically disenfranchised.

-          People across the country conducted point-in-time counts this week to gauge the number of homeless people in their community. On the blog, we linked to a few news clips about the counts and you can also find a post on our own experience during the DC count; you can find a one-page fact sheet on PIT counts on our website.

-          The Christian Science Monitor wrote a great piece on ending chronic homelessness. We were pleased to see that they echoed what we know: the solution is permanent supportive housing.

-          There was a particularly interesting article in the Chicago Tribune about two formerly homeless brothers experiencing difficulty adjusting to housing.

-          The Huffington Post and CNN took time to emphasize the HPRP prevented homelessness in the last few years – but HPRP will expire soon leaving many people still at risk of experiencinghomelessness.

-          The Huffington Post also brought light [again] to the issue of women veterans experiencing homelessness. The rate of homelessness among women veterans, as compared to their male counterparts, is notable.

-          The New York Daily News picked up our brief about elderly homelessness on the rise.

Happy Friday!

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