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21st October
written by Anna Blasco

Thank you to everyone who took our poll question in last week’s news roundup. A whopping 81 percent of you said you preferred the short format to our news roundups. To adhere to this request, I will jump right in to this week’s news:

  • This week, our President Nan Roman was interviewed by Affordable Housing Finance about the impact of investment and the recession on the numbers of people experiencing homelessness.
  • DC announced the opening of a supportive housing apartment for 14 families and five individuals who have been homeless for at least a year, or periodically over the past four years.
  • According to a Gallup index, the number of Americans that have access to adequate shelter and has dropped by just 1 percent since the beginning of the recession.
  • HUD is paying closer attention to LGBT homelessness.
  • “Street” homelessness dropped in Vancouver by 82 percent over one year. In Baltimore, Maryland, homelessness increased by 20 percent over two years.
  • The increasing numbers of people seeking food assistance made the local papers in Oneonta, New York, Las Vegas, Nevada, and Salisbury, Maryland.
  • New York recently reached an agreement on a lawsuit claiming they allow children to age out of foster care only to become homeless.
  • School districts in Pennsylvania and Colorado say they do not have enough funding to serve the growing number of homeless students.

As the title of the post suggest, we are going to start asking you to answer a short poll question at the end of each Friday News Roundup. The results will be posted the following week. Do you have any ideas for future poll questions? let us know in the comments!


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  1. Insurance Roger

    Its time for change in America. Homelessness should have been eradicated with slavery ; its long past its due. We are the 99% and so are they. This time around when we ask for change we will get it. In an unrelated note : thanks for the quick “short format” it is much easier to read than the roundups.