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3rd December
written by Catherine An

So the big news topping off the cycle today is Los Angeles – they’ve taken a huge step forward in ending chronic and veteran homelessness. Sure, it’s still just a plan on paper, but never before has the homeless capital of the country shown such potential in really making progress toward ending homelessness in the city. We have high hopes for the city of angels – and we’re so thrilled to be a part of this important step forward.

There were a couple of pieces out this week about the expiration of jobless benefits. I know being a legislator is no small task, but since the expiration of TANF ECF, I’ve had my reservations about their judgment (remember TANF ECF? That great program?). You don’t have to be a federal lawmaker to know that people in this country are still struggling from the effects of the recession – that joblessness and underemployment and poverty still afflict Americans across the country. Why are we denying relief? And right around the holidays? It’s curious. Slate and the Los Angeles Times find it curious too.

A really interesting series started in the San Francisco Chronicle on Tuesday. Doctor Jan Gurley is taking some time to examine the relationship between homelessness and mortality. While it may not come as a galloping shock that people experiencing homelessness are at higher risk of death, her writing and findings are really quite enlightening.

And that’s a wrap for the week!

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