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4th November
written by Anna Blasco

Last week we asked if you have ever written a letter to your editor regarding homelessness in your community. The majority of you said you had not:

This week’s poll question, and our news roundup, is below:

  • This week we saw a lot of interest in to the role of people experiencing homelessness in the occupy movements. Our President, Nan Roman, weighed in on Monday in the New York Times. “Homeless people, I think, identify with Occupy because it’s about inequities,” she said. “And it’s another group that is trying to live outside. It’s not surprising that there’s a confluence here.”
  • There were three major announcements in poverty research this week.
    • The census released new data that showed that America’s poorest poor have climbed to a record high of 1 in 15 people.
    • This announcement came a week before the Census Bureau is set to release an alternative measure of poverty.
    • The Brookings Institution released a report showing that the number of people living in neighborhoods of extreme poverty grew by a third over the past decade. The report explores how extreme poverty develops in pockets. These neighborhoods face a variety of challenges that comes from this “concentrated disadvantage.”
  • A New York Times editorial calls for greater investment in homelessness programs.
  • Youth homelessness looks to be on the rise in Chicago, which is feeling the strain of state budget cuts.
  • Women experience a high rate of violence while experiencing homelessness, a study in Fort Worth, Texas, determined. The best way to protect people from experiencing violence associated with homelessness is to help them obtain permanent, stable housing.

And in Alliance news, we’re featuring two weeks of veterans-specific blog posts. If you have any questions or concerns about veterans homelessness, let us know so we can address them.

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