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25th February
written by naehblog

In the news this week:

The difficult decisions for states leaders persist and more and more state-level policymakers work to keep their budgets in the black. This week, NPR ran a story about just these decisions – focusing on examples from Michigan, Detroit, and New Jersey. Minnesota, on their NPR-affiliate station, ran a similar story about their local efforts.

We blogged about social media and it’s role in creating social change – something we’ve been thinking about is foreign policy and communications analysts alike have been discussing the role of these new media tools in what seems to be a growing international revolution. How, we ask ourselves, can these tools help us solve our own pressing, national problems?

We’re not the only ones posing the question. Both the New York Times and the Los Angeles Times are giving the idea some digital ink; in fact, the LAT story is a bout a good friend of ours, Mark Horvath, a veritable one-man, homeless-advocate, communications machine who has long touted the utility of social media tools in raising awareness about homelessness.

And while we’re on the subject of big ideas, here’s another one from the New York Times earlier this week. In an opinion piece, writer David Bornstein discusses the idea of “A families-first approach to foster care”. Instead of taking a child away from a family, he suggests, a social worker can work with the family to provide the right tools and services to improve the situation in the household.

And finally – a little Alliance news: this afternoon, we had our organizational debrief about the families conference that took place in Oakland earlier this month. Do you have any feedback/suggestions/questions? Please share them here!

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  1. 02/03/2011

    I live in Milwaukee,WI and the budget for social workers and foster care was slashed so badly the state was forced to come in and take over the program. By the way the person who was responsible is now our govenor and he has proposed just today to slash social wokers and foster care on the state level. Maybe we have slashed enough and it is time we step up and start paying our fair share.