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4th February
written by Catherine An

So the biggest news today was the new unemployment figures. News media shouted from the rooftops: unemployment fell to 9 percent but the economy only added 36,000 jobs (actually, the AP put out a nice little video announcement – below!). And while this may seem like good news to many, The Atlantic suggests that it may have more to do with people giving up looking for work than the number of unemployed people actually dropping.

The news that really caught my eye were the local news stories about cuts to social services. You might’ve caught our post a couple days ago about Washington state’s decision to kick 5,000 families off their TANF program. Like we forecasted, it’s not just Washington – just this morning, we saw news from Hawaii, California, and South Dakota about cuts to state and local social services. And while concerns about state budgets and burgeoning deficits should be considered, I [personally] have concerns about the families being kicked off welfare programs. I’m pretty sure that withholding assistance isn’t going to solve the economic problems of these families – and I’m pretty sure that the chances they might experience homelessness and other misfortunes is high. (What do you think?)

And you might have stumbled across stories about the Affordable Care Act (along with stories about Egypt, Mark Kelly, and the Superbowl). Here at the Alliance, we’re working to clarify the ways that the ACA will impact people experiencing or at-risk of homelessness (that is, provided it doesn’t get repealed by the Supreme Court!) In the meantime, check out some articles from MSNBC and NPR to get a better understanding of how it might impact you.

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