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16th November
written by Catherine An

As my friends in the development world would say, it’s giving season. Which is a really a euphemistic way of saying this is the time of year when nonprofits amp up their donor appeals and people get into the holiday spirit by contributing to the lives and livelihoods of those less fortunate.

Here at the Alliance, we’re lucky to have the opportunity to work with a range of people interested in ending homelessness in their own unique ways. We learn about movies and documentaries on homelessness, hear about bike rides across the country to raise awareness about homelessness, work with nonprofits and private companies alike interested in engaging the public about homelessness, and we correspond with writers who want to publicize their books on the issue.

Latest in that last category is Jay Levy, an LICSW who has spent the last two decades working with individuals experiencing homelessness. He’s been a key contributor to homeless assistance efforts in Massachusetts and is currently working with Eliot CHS-Homeless Services as a regional manager.

His book, Homeless Narratives & Pretreatment Pathways, is based on his years in the field and shares the stories of not only Jay’s experiences, but those of the people he’s assisted. Find out more about book on his website. Massachusetts fans can also attend a reading this Thursday, Nov. 18 at Boswell Books in Shelburne Falls. (A note of disclosure: Jay is donating 15 percent of the book’s proceeds to the Alliance.)

In this holiday season, there are a number of things you can do to help end homelessness.

Among our favorites is to join the Food & Shelter campaign hosted by our friends Great Nonprofits. It’s quick and easy and costs absolutely nothing but a few minutes.

During this month, Great Nonprofits is featuring national organizations dedicated to ending homelessness and fighting hunger. If you’re familiar with any such organization (like us!) you can go on the site and review it (works a lot like Yelp).

Your review will help other people better understand the organization, spread the word about the organization, and elevate the organization’s ranking. It’s a great, simple way to help out an organization you want to support.

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