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5th May
written by Catherine An

While need isn’t seasonal, charity typically is. I’m sure it doesn’t surprise you that giving, at least to our organization, peaks during the holidays.

In my daily hunt for clips (news articles about homelessness that you can always find on our website), I caught a little piece about giving from the Daily Camera in Colorado.

It was the title that caught me: Helping the homeless year-round.

I’ve done my fair share of serving meals on Thanksgiving and caroling during the holidays but I can’t remember the last time I volunteered for a homeless organization in the summer. I’ve adopted families in December and made donations in the winter but rarely do I think about charity when the flowers bloom.

And while I’m not knocking wintertime charity, the reality is this: homelessness exists year-round. There are people in need everyday. And while our contributions are welcome during winter, they’re just as welcome – and perhaps even more needed – during the warmer months.

The economic downturn and high unemployment are driving the number of homeless people up in many places across the country and we at the Alliance are working hard to help communities address these increases and implement successful, cost effective solutions. While you’re helping out in the soup kitchen, remember that the Alliance is working hared to find ways to truly end homelessness – effectively and permanently.

If you can, please contribute to this mission and make a gift to the Alliance. Be assured that it will go toward vital efforts to prevent and end homelessness in America.

For more information about giving and great nonprofits, please visit Charity Navigator and Great Nonprofits.

Photo courtesy of Mr. Kris.

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  1. 05/05/2011

    Great article! Thanks so much for posting… it’s so true that people need help year round. IHS in Hawaii always needs assistance in the summer months especially – please spread the word!