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17th August
written by naehblog

Happy Monday, all!

We here in the research arm of the Alliance are kicking around an idea for a podcast series.

We’re thinking about profiling social innovation leaders in the homelessness field. Recipients of social innovation awards, or just organizations and community heavyweights who are leading the charge in looking at homelessness in a new and different way.

Would you guys be interested in something like that?

And would you prefer it live (calling into an audio conference) or would you prefer it taped (posted to our website with maybe some materials)?

Please let me know! I’ll hold out for about a week for feedback!

Thanks all,



  1. Katie Johnson

    I would be interested in it, and I think my organization's members would be too (I work for the Michigan trade association of CDCs, CEDAM).

    I think taped would be better. It would be around for longer and more accessible for people who can't make a live call.

  2. Steve Albertson (Community Voice Mail)

    I'd like to see this as well. If you're going to use an online meeting technology (like WebEx, etc.), you should be able to host a live presentation, record it, and make it available for playback at a later date.