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21st December
written by Catherine An

Today is a big day.

It’s the first day of winter, the winter solstice, and – coincidentally – a day a lunar eclipse will be visible from North America.

It’s also National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day – one day a year when we honor those people who have died while experiencing homelessness.

Communities across the country get involved. From Asheville, NC to Ventura County, CA to Albany, OR to Jersey City, NJ, communities across the country are taking time to remember our failings and commit to doing better in the future. In Minneapolis, the community has already held a memorial, attended by hundreds in the area.

If you’re interested in holding your own service, you can visit the National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day page on the website of the National Coalition for the homeless and download a how-to manual. But as you’re doing that – and definitely do – remember that it’s up to us to remember people experiencing homelessness more than once a year.

Every night, there are approximately 640,000 people experiencing homelessness in the United State and while the winter nights might be especially hard, summer weather doesn’t make homelessness acceptable. The onus is on us to ensure that all people have a roof over their heads and the opportunity to lead fulfilling, productive lives. Make sure to stay engaged every day of the year – connect with us and stay on top of the things you can do for to end homelessness in your community, in your state, in the country.

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