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22nd September
written by naehblog

Good afternoon, all!

These really aren’t notes from the Board Room, as much as they’re notes from the newsletter that’ll go out today (you can sign up for our newsletter on our website) but I thought you might find them interesting anyway!

  • We published our latest Community Snapshot! Our Community Snapshots are a series of community profiles. Every so often, we identify one community that’s had some noticeable decrease in homelessness, and we go see what they’re doing right. Our latest: Quincy, MA.

  • Online trainings are available for those who will be providing information to the Department of Housing and Urban Development for the Annual Homeless Assessment Report. These trainings are available for those communities who have never participated in the AHAR, and will cover essential and basic elements.

  • The Alliance has posted plan summaries from those participating in the Rapid Re-Housing Demonstration. This pilot program, approved by Congress to the tune of $25 million, offers funds to 23 communities to participate in a program designed to serve homeless families. These pilot communities will use these funds to provide short and medium term rental assistance, housing location assistance, and home-based case management. Each community has developed a centralized intake process and will conduct examinations of their program. We’re actually pretty interested in the project, and will keep you up to date on how it goes.

  • The Center for Economy and Policy Research (CEPR) recently published a paper entitled “Half in Ten: Why Taking Disability into Account is Essential to Reducing Income Poverty and Expanding Economic Inclusion.” One of the more interesting the paper finds is that people with disabilites are more likely to face food insecurity, fail to receive needed medical or dental care, and struggle to pay rent, mortgage, and utility bills compared to other people – even while controlling for income and other characteristics.

Down from the Board Room and back to work!

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