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8th February
written by Catherine An

Today, we’re reviewing Kim Walker’s post about the day-long Rapid Re-Housing Clinic because – drumroll! – it’s tomorrow! Our Center for Capacity Building will be hosting the training to educate advocates, providers, and consumers about this excellent strategy to end homelessness.

It’s that time again! It’s T – five weeks (!) until the Alliance’s National Conference on Ending Family Homelessness, set this year in Oakland, Calif.

For you veterans out there, you know that the Alliance strives to make the conference as informative, interesting, and useful as possible, chock full of workshops, meetings, plenary sessions, and group discussions. (Seriously – check out this year’s agenda.)

And we’re not planning on disappointing in February! In fact, the Alliance’s Center for Capacity Building is taking it up a notch and offering a day-long Rapid Re-Housing for Families clinic at the February conference.

Rapid re-housing is a strategy focused on returning people experiencing homelessness to permanent housing as quickly as possible by eliminating their barriers to obtaining and retaining permanent housing. Doing this effectively requires the careful implementation of a number of strategies, including effective housing search and location, landlord engagement, and home-based case management.

Needless to say, it’s not always easy – and that’s where we want to help. Our clinic will review the nuts and bolts of rapid re-housing and include interactive activities and discussions to ensure participants leave with a clear idea of how to make their rapid re-housing program more successful.

We can’t wait to see you there!

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  1. veronica saravia

    Hi I am veronica saravia and I was homeless in new jersey from October 22nd 2010 up until December 23rd 2010. We still live in a S***hole housing and the grand part about it is I am not alone. I have 5 children ages 17,16,13,9 & 5, my mother and spouse. One of my children are expecting and the other I lost which was living on her own in the same month we got put in the streets. I have always been poor and this actually isn’t the first time I have lived in the streets but with my children it is hard. Squatting empty houses, begging for help and get this I could not find a place with section 8. I beg the community to help me please. I prayed to God I would find a place for me and my family, well it is not the best but it beats the streets now with cold and snow that set in we made it in time. Please the government does not give a F*** about anyone with or without children. I wish they would recognize this issue as a major United States problem I am one of the victims in this circumstance.