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21st April
written by Catherine An

Thanks to all of you guys who took the time to fill out our survey on advocacy! We are inspired not only by your participation in the survey but your willingness to get involved in ending homelessness!

Keep it up!M If you’re still interested in helping end homelessness, let us know!
Fill out this five question survey with your information – and we’ll get to you right away!

FYI: Here are some of the results from the advocacy survey:

  • Of the 84 of you who took the survey, a solid 80 – or 95 percent – of you follow us on social networks (how else you might’ve found this survey we’ll never know).
  • 90 percent of you are interested in taking advocacy actions and 50 percent of you already have taken advocacy actions for the Alliance this calendar year.
  • Most of you, 72 percent, are interested in online actions but some of you are interested in things that require a little more: making a phone call, organizing a watch party, hosting a legislator, making a Capitol Hill visit!
  • A solid 96 percent of you would be interested in a Alliance advocacy Facebook group!

Again, we can’t make any of this happen without you – your members of Congress need you! They need you to tell them what you think and what’s important to you. Take the next step in ending homelessness and contact us.

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