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19th March
written by naehblog

In our effort to end homelessness through a wide-angle lens – focusing on federal policy, best practices, capacity building, and the like – sometimes we lose sight of the human impact of our work. Even on the streets of DC, where the impact of poverty and homelessness is often in plain view, it can be a struggle to put two-and-two together.

So it was a refreshing reminder when a colleague of mine from the National Housing Conference (NHC) showed me some on-the-ground efforts from her alma mater, the University of Georgia. There, students are shedding light on homelessness in their community by hosting an event called “Southern Hospitality: A Recipe for Ending Homelessness in Athens.”

The event will bring together students, faculty, and staff to learn about homelessness and the effects of poverty and housing in the college town and focus on solutions and methods to curb, prevent and end homelessness in the city. They put together a little teaser video to attract participants:

In big cities and in small towns alike, it can be easy to forget about homelessness or to dismiss the issue as an insurmountable, inevitable part of modern society. But efforts like the one hosted by UGA – and yours and ours, too! – remind us why our work matters.

If you’re in Athens or can swing on by to show your support, please do!

Or you can always check out the local efforts: the Georgia Law Center for the Homeless and the Georgia Coalition to End Homelessness.

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  1. Lizzy, a member of host. nourish. sustain.

    We believe that one of the best ways to fight homelessness and the stigma that surrounds it is by showing our homeless citizens southern hospitality. "host. nourish. sustain." serves as a remedy to the issue of homelessness in Athens.
    – Host: to show homeless families hospitality during their initial time of crisis by providing or facilitating temporary housing
    – Nourish: to give families the time and resources necessary to improve their current situation
    – Sustain: to ensure that families are on the right path to achieving long-term independence
    If we work together, we are poised to make an impact.