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13th July
written by Catherine An

We’re wrapping up workshop #1 and headed into workshop #2 before tonight’s reception at the National Conference on Ending Homelessness.

Everyone I meet is eager and energized and so filled with altruism and resolve – especially after Nan’s keynote remarks this morning. But what’s really exciting for me is the energy online! Advocates are tweeting up a storm about ideas they’re learning about in workshops, responses to speaker presentations, and connecting both on and offline.

Here’s a smattering of tweets from just this morning! If this online conversation appeals to you, follow us using the #naeh hashtag. (The Alliance’s handle is @naehomessless; you can find us at

@AZCEH: “Congress needs to know that homelessness is solvable”-Sharon Rapport, CSH Los Angeles #naeh11

@GiveUSYourPoor: “Failure to collaborate is not an option.” Quote from HEARTH Act workshop at #naeh11 conference.

@MMLord: “We are about change because things are not okay the way they are.” – Nan Roman #naeh11

@MHSA_Revolution: Nan Roman highlights need to focus resources on rapid rehousing and perm supportive housing as key to ending homelessness #naeh11

@michaelshapcott: Mainstream programs (including housing and health) should target the needs of #homeless – Nan Roman #naeh11

@OrgCode: Important point often forgotten – homelessness is a lagging indicator. #naeh11

@HomeforGoodLA: We (Stephani from LAHSA and us) just met @RepJudyChu and talked with staff about McKinney Vento funding and the funding formula #NAEH11

@7omB: Learning how changes in Medicaid could provide a huge opportunity to help end homelessness. #naeh11

@CareForKidsOrg: Who is attending #naeh11? Homelessness affects foster kids so dramatically — we’ll be following!

@JanMichaelDC: Day #1 of National Conference on Ending #Homelessness – expect a lot of tweets about what we’re going to do! #naeh11

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