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1st February
written by Anna Blasco

In response to some questions we have received recently regarding new regulations for the Emergency Solutions Grant (ESG) program, the Center for Capacity Building at the Alliance has decided to address some of these questions in video form. Today’s video features Kay Moshier McDivitt, Capacity Building Associate here at the Alliance. In this interview, Kay discusses how communities can rethink sustainability as an eligibility requirement for rapid re-housing and prevention assistance.

(In the video, Kay refers to a webinar – this is the webinar.)

For more information, you can visit our website, where the Alliance has recently posted a wealth of material on the new ESG program.

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  1. Linda Safley

    Our group is working deefinitley solving problems of homelessness with sustyainability in the city of Baltimore, Md. Over the years we have moved on from taking over buildings and creating housing projects, and get people to grow food on roof top gardens, and communtity gardens, we need lots of help. We need to be directed to grants that will provide jobs for people, and get help.