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22nd November
written by Elizabeth Doherty

“What are you thankful for?”

That is the question that seems to circulate everywhere as Thanksgiving  approaches: on social networks, television ads, blogs, and in conversation. As I sat down to answer this question for this week’s blog, , many things came to mind.

The short answer is, “The Alliance has a lot to be thankful for.”

In the face of stubbornly high unemployment and the continued impact of the recession, the community of people working to end homelessness showed unyielding resilience. Despite waning state and local assistance, rising need among vulnerable families, and challenges created by the lackluster economy, our community has demonstrated its willingness to capitalize on new opportunities, use the best possible practices to prevent and end homelessness, and serve people who have been hit hardest and whose unmet needs are most severe.

That is why I would like to take this opportunity to say: thank you.

Thank you to the local direct service providers who are on the front lines, helping people at risk of and experiencing homelessness, creating innovative new ways to meet increasing demand with decreasing resources.

Thank you to our grassroots advocates who write to Members of Congress, make phone calls to your networks, and conduct Hill visits to ensure that the most vulnerable among us do not bear the brunt of federal budget cuts and partisan politics.

Thank you to our generous donors.  We are honored by your commitment to ending homelessness. Your financial support allows the work of the Alliance to continue.

Thank you to our wonderful volunteers; from our board leadership to our conference volunteers who willingly give their time to assist the Alliance.

And lastly, thank you members of the Alliance networks.  Your participation in our newsletters, blogs and social networks helps inform our work and spread the message that ending homelessness is possible.

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