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17th February
written by naehblog

It’s the end of February, and as the Alliance’s Meeting and Event Planner, a time to reflect on the past six months of intense planning that went into our February conference.

It’s always difficult to grasp that the months of hard work  it takes to ensure a successful conference lead up to an event that within a couple of short days is over! Although the National Conference on Ending Family Homelessness ended on February 11, I know the 600+ attendees have since returned home and as we speak, are implementing the strategies they learned into their communities, in efforts to make a difference nationwide.

Here are my “Five Favorite” moments of the 2011 National Conference on Ending Family Homelessness:

5) Breakout Space

As a Planner it’s wonderful to be in a venue where the breakout space is within close proximity, as it ensures easy flow from workshop to workshop.

4) Delicious Cuisine

It isn’t easy to please 600+ people, so I was pleased to receive great feedback about the food; specifically the vegetarian fare. The Chef was very involved in the planning and execution of the event, and thrilled to receive positive feedback.

3) Attendance

This year’s conference had the highest attendance since Seattle, WA (our largest ever) three years ago! It’s truly refreshing to see 650 people come together to make a difference.

2) Volunteers

Once again, we were fortunate to have 35 eager, willing, and helpful volunteers – thank you again to everyone who volunteered!

1) Robert Reich

As an Event Planner and Economics Minor, I was delighted that Dr. Robert Reich joined us for the Thursday lunch plenary to give a keynote address. Dr. Reich’s address was not only insightful, but also engaging and entertaining. He brought to the table concepts outside of homelessness but related to the topic and the hard work that our attendees participate in every day.

So there you have it – my “Five Favorite” efforts and moments of the 2011 Family Conference. Each year I enjoy seeing the returning attendee faces, as well as the new ones, each so dedicated and only wanting the best for the communities which they are able to call home. In my years of planning nonprofit events I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a large group of devoted and motivated people – and all with such passion! Every year I’m privileged to work aside people who do amazing things, and I feel lucky to give all of those people a place to meet, discuss ideas, and truly make a difference. I hope to see you all July 13-15, 2011 at our National Conference on Ending Homelessness in Washington, DC. Until then, thank you so very much for what you do each day to make a difference in your community!


  1. Judy Nevis

    I’ve been looking at your website to find the speakers presentations from the various workhops during the National Conference on Ending Family Homelessness so I can share this material with others at the Department of Housing and Community Development who, due to our budget constraints, could not attend the conference. Where will I find this material once it’s posted?

  2. naehblog

    Judy -

    Thanks for your comment. Conference presentations will be made available starting this week on the Alliance website ( We’ll announce the link on our social networks once it’s ready to access (you can find links to those on our homepage). Please note that the presentation materials will be posted as they are received – if you don’t see it, it’s probably because we haven’t yet received it.